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Chairman’s Message

Every project reflects unique stories and ideas.

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Project Overview

Mahbub Hasan

The Chairman and CEO of Tiger Soft BD

Also the Director & CEO of Luna Construction & Engineering Ltd.

And the Director & CEO of Research Institute of Medical Science & Technology (RIMST)

Milon Seba Clinic, Gopalganj: His father Dr. Shaheb Ali Molla established it in 1972 to serve poor and helpless people. At that time after liberation war there was no clinic and hospital at that rural area. From his student life he worked with his father at the clinic and teach people about primary treatment and give them free medicine service and also teach them how to get fresh water by boiling at that after-war time.

Agricultural Sector: He established an Agro Processing Plant and Agro Industries at Natore, Bangladesh. He has training and certificate on Hydrophonic, Organic and Aquaphonic Farming Technology from Singapore and Malaysia. After come back in Bangladesh his team train a huge number of farmers about that latest farming technology in Bangladesh. As a result those farmers are now concern about growing corps following an organic natural way and also concern about food storage and processing. He went also in Ethopia to train Ethopian Farmers on Turmeric processing and storage. At current stage He is still working to collaborate between our farmers and Ethiopian farmers to fulfill the demand on best organic spices.

Training for Unemployed & IT Sector: Bangladesh is an over populated country. In our country unemployment rate is increasing rapidly for lack of new job. He established Tiger Soft BD and trained a good number of unemployed people on IT Technology. All of them are working now in different organizations and software companies in all over the world. Still now my company helps unemployed skilled people to get the right job in local and foreign companies.