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IOT Automation Service

Every project reflects unique stories and ideas.

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Project Overview

The internet of things or IoT is a system of interrelated computing devices that has the ability to transfer data over a network without requiring human or human-computer interaction. It needs no physical operations to collect your required data but the unique identifiers (UID) within the devices does that for you.

Why the old method in your business? Bring a change in your business processes. Discover innovative products, make new business opportunities and taste the magic of IoT with the help of Nikko Corporation by building custom IoT solutions. We are here to help you finding the full potential of Internet of Things by providing you the understanding of various business and technical opportunities and overcoming challenges associates with it.

All Services:

1. Manufacturing Industry Automation

MES Platform Application Modules

Application modules of manufacturing automation system

What about the price?

The price of this manufacturing industry automation system varies company to company. Price starts from $24500 dollar only. Contact us to get accurate price quotation according to your requirement.

2. Fleet Management Automation

We have implemented solutions in a wide variety of domains. Today, most of our projects are in the Fleet Management companies, Logistics companies, Service and maintenance groups, Utilities, Consumer-Packaged Goods, Automotive, Food and Beverage and Assembly/Discrete manufacturing sectors. Typically, our projects are in facilities with a reasonably high degree of automation and with customers who have a stated goal of continuous improvement.

What you will get?
  1. Real time Alerts: Real-time notifications via email/SMS/RSS on anomalies and drivers’ behavioral pattern for early follow-up action for improvements Effective and efficient processes and tools
  2. Manage Route compliance: The planner enables you to plan each route and set alerts if any deviations occurred during a trip
  3. Route deviation: Predefined routes can be set for a vehicle and when a driver deviates from this route, alerts are generated
  4. Customize landmarks: Create your personal point of interest (POI) pertaining to your business on the map to better manage the route
  5. Scheduled Reminder: Simply keep track of your vehicle related events like maintenance, vehicle insurance, and other appointments using the reminder tools for an unlimited peace of mind
  6. Driving performance: Ease to understand the driving performance of your drivers effortlessly through driver score cards. Accurate tracking of equipment
  7. Fuel Theft: Alerts provided by SMS in the event of a sudden drop in fuel levels. Additional reports available to monitor fuel filling and mileage
  8. Power cut-off: Alerts provided by SMS in the event of a sudden Power cut-off. Additional reports available to monitor location of the vehicle
  9. Engine performance tracking Fleet maintenance scheduling
  10. Reduce monthly operating expenses & Provide an added level of visibility
  11. Get predictive insights on asset/ fleet performance and potential failure conditions.
  12. Two-way Communication between Assets / Fleets & Organization
  13. Industry Specific customization: Geo-Fencing, Asset movement, Dwell times, patterns and Cycle loop times

What makes our product better than others?

  1. Edge Analytics to enhance distributed Architecture, Real-time & Cognitive Intelligence
  2. Pay-per-use costing model
  3. Flexibility to accommodate incremental innovation
  4. Need based framework to provide customized workflow and reports
  5. Highly customization platform
  6. Speed to market to showcase ROI
  7. Managed service vs product orientation (SLAs & KPI align to business outcomes)
  8. Interoperability and self-healing
  9. Highly customizable and intelligent edge device

3. Intelligent Power Grid Monitoring System

IntelliEMS provides a new layer in utility grid management systems, uniquely designed for DER integration to deliver fast-acting, time-bounded and repeatable control. IntelliEMS provides the leading foundational software control platform for utilities to capture maximum benefit from Distributed Energy Resources (DER). IntelliEMS monitors and manages DER, both on a scheduled and real-time basis, across multiple applications and locations, and provides unprecedented levels of visibility of DER to control room and operations personnel. IntelliEMS uses cognitive intelligence to ensure secure and reliable operation of the distribution system with high penetrations of DER. IntelliEMS is a critical component to enable an integrated Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS). IntelliEMS provides the platform for delivery of the full suite of DER-related grid management and optimization applications. Importantly, the modular nature of IntelliEMS means existing utility investments in systems and applications can be leveraged to avoid duplication and stranded investments. IntelliEMS can be used by utility companies to achieve a broad range of grid modernization objectives, realizing quantifiable benefits for the utility and its shareholders.

The Challenges:
Distribution Utilities are facing a number of significant challenges. To realize the benefits to both utility operations and customers that arise from the integration of higher levels of DER on the distribution grid, IntelliEMS meets the following challenges:
  1. Maintain secure operation under rapidly changing load and generation patterns
  2. Manage two-way power flows and maintain voltages at optimal levels
  3. Maximize the use of lowest-cost DER, minimize energy losses and associated costs
  4. Enable the integration and switching of microgrids and community energy projects
  5. Create new opportunities for DER to participate in the wholesale markets to minimize wholesale power costs and transmission access fees
  6. Deploy low-risk solutions where the data and models on the distribution system are incomplete
  7. Maximize the use of existing OT systems and grid assets
  8. Utilize a flexible IT/OT architecture that can evolve with the needs of the distribution system
  9. Adapt to an evolving regulatory environment and business model, while integrating with ongoing Grid Modernization initiatives

The Solution :

IntelliEMS is a real-time platform which can be deployed at the device, microgrids, substation and enterprise level, with a suite of fail-safe features and DER management options. IntelliEMS can schedule and control DER in real-time by integrating directly with DER devices themselves, or via an aggregator (for example, for behind the meter resources). IntelliEMS  enables a wide range of grid optimization applications and benefits, secure in the knowledge that the distribution grid will continue to be operated reliably in real-time. As a modular platform, IntelliEMS can be gradually deployed at a speed which supports meeting customer needs and grid modernization objectives. The IntelliEMS platform approach, portfolio of integration adapters and architectural principles present distribution utilities with an opportunity to use IntelliEMS as a bridging layer to customer DER. In addition, IntelliEMS can form the basis for an integration, automation and control layer between IT/OT systems.

Key Features

1. System Integration and Improved Visibility

With its range of integration adapters, IntelliEMS is the platform to deliver high-value operational data flow between DER and other enterprise and operational systems.

2. Distribution System Zoning and Sensitivity Factors

Coordinating the management of DER for local and wider grid applications requires DER to be considered individually and collectively, depending on the control function and market arrangements. IntelliEMS allows the user to specify zones, constraints, sensitivity factors and market signals associated with each DER.

3. DER Grouping

IntelliEMS allows DER to be grouped for a collective response or treated individually with an easy-to configure merit order for control actions.

4. Contingency Grid Configurations

IntelliEMS automatically updates DER groupings and associations to reflect grid topology changes, i.e., reconfigure zoning and sensitivity factors based on a topology shift.

5. Scheduling and Real-time Control Coordination

While executing a DER dispatch schedule, IntelliEMS provides continuous DER monitoring and coordination of the response with real-time values, overwriting schedules when the distribution grid requires it to maintain reliability and keep the system within limits.

6. Fail safes

IntelliEMS provides fail-safe features that can be configured to suit the application. They include control and management responses to loss of any individual component, DER non-compliance to a set-point, and communications failures.

7. Cyber security

IntelliEMS is deployed in private cloud for our Utility customers, complying with a range of IT and cyber security standards and policies. IntelliEMS is provided with a broad range of information and features to meet these requirements and the relevant requirements of NIST and NERC CIP.