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Project Management Software for Small Office

Every project reflects unique stories and ideas.

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Project Overview

What you will get?

  • Project Management Software: Full Software license and access. Manage unlimited projects and users.
  • Web Server Hosting: 3 GB web server space. No extra charge needed. If you need more server space then inform us about that.
  • Free Server Setup: We will set up and install the software according to your brand name and logo. Set up is absolutely free.
  • Free Domain : You will get one available Domain name from us.
  • Free Support: We are available from Monday to Friday (9 AM to 5PM) Singapore time. Knock us online or whatsapp or just call us for support. Our support service includes-
    • Weekly database backup
    • Online customer support
    • Adding your brand logo and name into software or color changes
    • Weekly server security check.
  • Compatibility : Can use it in any operating system or any kind of device such as Laptop, Desktop, iPAD, TAB.
  • 0% Downtime: Our software downtime is 0%. Rather than we also have backup server facility to support your business all time.
  • Full Freedom: You can cancel software subscription at any time. No hassle.

What you will not get?
  • We will not provide any hardware device Ex: Computer, printer, scanner etc.